iOS Release Update

iOS Release Version: 2.1.6

Version: 2.1.6
Release date: 3/20/2024


iOS update 2.1.6 includes a new regeneration command for Volvo’s, bug fixes for the lite mode popup and the full screen live data grid, and updated app store text to show new engine coverage.


New Volvo regeneration command - SCR Regeneration Activation (Crystal Sublimation)

  • This feature brings significant improvements to SCR regeneration capabilities for Volvo engines, enhancing performance and efficiency.

Crushed a few bug fixes

iOS Release Version: 2.1.5

Version: 2.1.5
Release date: 2/22/2024


iOS update 2.1.5 includes a new pairing intro, about page improvements, new regeneration command for Volvo’s, updated User Regen info, Volvo heart beat fix and more live data values.


Apple Pairing Intro & Let’s Get Connected Prompt Update

  • New regeneration command for Volvo - SCR Regeneration Activation (Sulfur)
  • Paccar Engine Hours and Mileage PGN available
  • Bug fixes and improvements

iOS Release Version: 2.1.4

Version: 2.1.4
Release Date: 1/29/24 - 1/30/24


iOS update 2.1.4 includes an improvement to the Paccar pairing walkthrough which covers the new engine we support and does not require the Paccar adapter. There are also forced regen improvements and a precondition check for Detroit Diesel engines.


  • Updated the Paccar Walkthrough
  • Forced Regen Improvements - Users will no longer see an failed Regen when it was actually a success . The timer is disabled for these cases
  • Preconditions check for Detroit Diesel Engines

iOS Release Version: 2.1.2

Version: 2.1.2
Release Date: 12/19/23


iOS update 2.1.2 includes several high priority bug fixes that solve the app getting stuck at 75% on connection flow, improvements to the database and releasing the new coverage for BETA testing on 2021-2024 Detroit Diesel engines and 2021-2024 Paccar MX engines. The update also includes improvements to the command flow with alert modals and updated styles and enhanced fault codes.


pairing Connection Flow - Added additional prompt to help with getting connected. Connection Flow

Added additional prompt to help with getting connected.


IMG_0ED267E8C967-1.jpeg Enhanced Fault Code

Introduced a valuable approach to our fault codes. You'll now notice an added badge to these codes labeled "enhanced", making them more distinctive and informative on your fault code list.

Bug Fixes

Updated to Latest Database

After receiving feedback about a bug affecting live data values on Apple devices, our team promptly investigated and identified the issue. It turned out the bug stemmed from an outdated database. We've now updated and securely encrypted the database to ensure it includes the necessary bug fixes. With this latest update, users can enjoy a smoother, more reliable experience on their iOS devices.

Fixed Detroit Diesel N21 Engine issue

After careful evaluation, we're simplifying our engine file setup to enhance app performance and reliability. This update ensures a smoother experience for all our users, particularly for those working with specific engine components.

No Data Detection not working - 75% issue.

Made an update to address the 'No Data Detection' feature that was getting stuck at 75%, which wasn't functioning correctly. We've improved the connection flow to make it smoother and more reliable.

We are always making improvements and various bug fixes to enhance your experience with using OTR Diagnostics. Stay tuned for further updates!

Apr 4, 2024

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