Android Release Update

Android release update 2.2.3 & 2.2.4

Version: 2.2.4
Release Date: 4/26/2024

What new release notes:

  • Add SCR Efficiency Regen command for many Detroit Diesel engines, including 2017 and newer
  • Stop saving attempted regens that timeout to history
  • Hide LiveData attributes that are out of range
  • Improve Cummins generic reset command to reach more components
  • Improve offline experience to not interrupt command navigation
  • Additional fixes for users experiencing crashes

Android Release Update 2.2.1 & 2.2.2

Version: 2.2.1
Release Date: Released 4/3/24


Android Release 2.2.1 adds a What’s New page with release notes for users to see. It also starts using the OTR Web API to handle login/logout network calls, allows Volvo regens to issue a stop command at any time, and includes other fixes to improve the code health and dev experience.


  • Added a "What's new" page with release notes

Android Release Update 2.2.0

Version: 2.2.0
Release Date: Released 3/5/24


Android Release 2.2.0 introduces 2 new Volvo regen commands: Forced SCR regen, DEF crystal sublimation. Also, for Volvo, customers will now have more control over when the regen ends with a new stop button. New regen commands will be saved to history as well. Improvements to mileage and hours in history report.


  • Added SCR regen command
  • Added Crystal sublimation command
  • Improved Stop regen button for Volvo
  • Added Save new regen commands to history

Android Release Update 2.1.16

Version: 2.1.16
Release Date: Released 2/13/24


Android Release 2.1.16 makes account enhancements to support customers to have a fleet. A couple minor fixes for Volvo heartbeat to stop after a regen command, and updated information to tell users to stay close to the adapter while running a regen.

Android Release Update 2.1.15

Version: 2.1.15
Release Date: Released 1/31/24


Android Release 2.1.15 is packed with user impact improvements and fixes including command flow improvements for Detroit Diesel, Volvo/Mack & Cummins, a new pairing prompt, Regen time improvements, Paccar Engine Miles and Hours and About Page improvements and bug fixes. As always please see below for more details


  • Command flow improvements for Detroit Diesel, Volvo/Mack & Cummins
  • New pairing prompt
  • Regen Timer improvement
  • Added Paccar Engine Mileage
  • Added Paccar Engine hours
  • About page improvements
  • Bug fixes

Android Release Update 2.1.14

Version: 2.1.14
Release Date: Released 12/19/23


The Android 2.1.14 update provides several key user experience enhancements, including displaying additional live data, improving the in-app update experience, adding labels for enhanced fault codes, improving the Bluetooth connectivity experiences, updating the new Paccar engine pairing walk-through, and several critical bug fixes.


  • Displaying additional Live Data Gauges
  • Updated the pairing walkthrough for 2022 - 2024 Paccar engines
  • Added precondition check for Detroit Diesel Engines
  • Added label for Enhanced Fault Codes
  • Improved the Bluetooth adapter reconnect experience
  • Pairing Walkthrough End - Update UI Screen
  • Fixed issue with soot gauge disappearing if value was 0
  • Improvements to component coverage on Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine
  • Improved in-app updates experience
Apr 29, 2024

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