Whats is the warranty for the OTR Reset Tool?
OTR Reset Tool (5-Year Limited Warranty)
    All OTR Reset Tools come with a free limited 5-year warranty. Before any product leaves OTR Performance it is tested and retested to ensure it works as intended the first time.
    However, if for some reason your Reset Tool does not work we will take care of this issue and send you a new Reset Tool if you fall within the 5-year warranty period.

What is the warranty for the OTR Diagnostics Tool?
OTR Diagnostic Tool Hardware (1-Year Warranty}
    A 1-Year warranty is included with the OTR Diagnostics Adapter and Harness.
    If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us by calling (586) 799-4375 or emailing support@otrperformance.com.

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